When Eldred Wheeler was founded in 1978 our vision was to create handcrafted antique reproduction furniture with the same pride of craftsmanship displayed in the work of 18th Century American furniture makers.

The quality of Eldred Wheeler furniture is re-proved every day at auctions or on-line offering of pre-owned pieces. Any print and internet advertisements of our furniture are sure to start with four words that say it all: “Made by Eldred Wheeler.”

The Tiger Maple and Cherry furniture handcrafted today by Eldred Wheeler can be with your family for generations to come. We use the same construction techniques of those fine 18th Century furniture makers we admire so much - pegged and mortise, tenon and dovetail joints, and hand-planed surfaces.

Many competitors make antique reproduction furniture less expensive furniture; very few make furniture that has stood the test of time like those “Made by Eldred Wheeler”.

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"Understanding Furniture Reproductions

Reproduction" simply means that an idea, concept or style has been copied and reproduced. Some reproductions are exact replicas of an original piece that you might find in a museum, while others use the concepts of older pieces to create new styles. Large furniture-makers such as Baker and Century are skilled at taking classic styles and giving them a fresh, modern look. Smaller companies such as Eldred Wheeler are renowned for their authentic hand-made reproductions of 18th Century pieces using native woods of Cherry and Tiger Maple. So prized are some of its pieces that collectors wait months – and pay many thousands of dollars – for its reproductions. "

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